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  5. WG have you actually seen how bad matchmaking is?

I grinded it almost 2 years ago but still play it. With the increase of auto loaders, HE derp tanks, and more low profile tanks you'll have more trouble than people in the past did. If you're good in the lowe, the tiger 2 is basically the same tank.

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  • WG have you actually seen how bad matchmaking is?.

I think lowe lower hull is even weaker IIRC. Dont rely on the armour though act as if it is not there andnyou will be suprised the damage you can inflict. It is somewhat similar play style but the Tiger II just feels different and is faster.

I like to play it in your face with anything lower tier and like a medium and flank and use hp with higher tiers. With your stats you will pick up on the nuances pretty quick. I miss playing it sometimes as it really is a good tank. BluntedBaboon, on Feb 17 - I wouldn't touch the line if I was you.

Plenty of other, better ones to go down. It's a tier 8 tank that belongs in tier 7, but unfortunately usually sees tier As such, it's a challenge to play Honestly, this line is now sort of meh. There are far better heavies that fall in a similar category at tier 9. The E has never really been a leader in the super-heavy arena, and it has fallen back more, lately.

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Overall, the line is just okay right now. I haven't played any tank other than the Tiger in probably 15, games or so. I just don't have that much fun in any of them. Kinda like my Black Prince, no fun and it is going in the trash bin as soon as the Canarvon enters my garage. I avoided like the plague and went up the Russian Heavies instead.


E75 matchmaking rant - General Discussion - World of Tanks Blitz official forum

The Reason why is how the game is now. This game has turn into xp conservation and usage of experience.

There are only a few tank lines that are worth your time and effort. The rest has been designated pretty much as cannon fodder for the rest. You are so screwed with a new crew I'll put my money on another tank that has the same skill value as you.. The current meta and core game mechanics plus Matchmaking gives this tank a bad name. Community Forum Software by IP.

Search Advanced Search section: Tiger II any good? Thinking about going down this line because the E75 seems like it would be fun and because I don't own any super heavies. I've tried the E when I was over my friend's house, and it was fun to play in a full toon.

Help me with my Tiger line

Don't think it would be fun playing solo because of the current meta and power-creep, but would be nice to have regardless. So I was wondering if the Tiger II is any good. I hardly play tier 8's anymore because of the current matchmaking, and the only tier 8's I do play are premium tanks for credit grinding. In general, I don't really see many Tiger II's anymore. At one point of time, I thought it was regarded the second best tier 8 heavy tank, after the IS Also dont have best ammo for it? While personally i have to say problem in Post war tanks vs ww2 tanks are these 3 reasons why i dont like them fighting each other.

Even more if they dont share simiar buffs to deal each other. Post war tanks are super angled compared to ww2 tanks.

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Take look elefant super durable slow tank. With oblivious weak spots on front. Also it genius desing like t44 body has. While T44 and other tanks has like 5x better.

What block tiger 2 shot from m if shot body part. Like first tank with good angles were panthers on nazi tanks. Because if they did not have that ammo. They only could kill Tiger 2 by rear and flanking. Its facing T10m and other super durable tanks by angles on them.

WG have you actually seen how bad matchmaking is?

How is he suppost to kill enemy only small box area on frontal counter or try get behind them. Try that in arcane. Realistic has more chances but those are really small. Seriusly panther barely can reserve while you watch post war tanks. Damn race cars compared to ww2 tanks. Correct me if im mistaking that ammo part. Where some tank get ammo what they did not have on war time. While really like to get some info about how can gigant slumpering Elefant can kill those tanks with default ammo?.

So can anyone explain how is this fair. When some faction on ww2 gets balanced by post war ammo while some tanks who had terible chances deal enemy tank they get it? Tiger 2 and 7. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Posted December 8, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted December 9, What the hell with the stupid twitching? Its to slow, heavy and cumbersome to be out armored and out gunned so easy Now imagine a guy that just got M Posted December 10, Posted December 14, If you want have fun with germans tanks, go for Tiger 1 5.

Posted December 15, Posted December 17, Yes, my point exacly. Posted December 26, Funny, I bet those T10Ms and T54s wish that was the truth that ive killed in my 6.

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