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If we hide ourselves away then we miss out on giving the best of ourselves to others in any situation. Experience has taught me that giving to others the things that I most want and need will often bring me satisfaction and fill the empty spaces in my heart. Good news - you're already subscribed! Let us know at contact MultipleSclerosis. Try again or let us know at contact MultipleSclerosis. This is right on! I did connect with a guy but as soon as I disclosed my condition he backed off.

Boy, does that fit me to a T! I dated a guy for 6 years who stuck with me from when I was diagnosed. Your article really hit home for me…thank you for sharing!! I enjoyed this article. I have been in a long term relationship which stems back before I developed MS… and unfortunately it may be ending. I have a great fear of ever dating again… who would want to be with a 41 year old man with a chronic illness?

Dating and the pain and heartache that comes with it are difficult enough without throwing in MS. What I have learned since then is that I must get my own independent act together and be happy with myself first and foremost. I have to talk to myself everyday about those despairing feelings. The fact is, you never know when love will bloom again. Kim, your honesty is painful to read but also refreshing. It challenges me to think of how I might react, were I on the dating rounds again. Comment Created with Sketch.

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Talking about your MS

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Log in to Reply Cancel reply. Hi Candy, Thanks for your thoughts. Anyway about 10 weeks ago I joined a dating website. In my profile I just said I am not as fit as I used to be but still like to challenge myself. Got chatting to a guy and told him in the second email about the MS. Unfortunately we haven't met yet but that is because he is abroad on business.

We chat but typing and get to speak on yahoo a couple of times a week and it is fantastic! We have got so close I think this is the way everyone should start out. We talk about anything and everything. We hope to meet very soon and I really believe this will be a good relationship. He asks about my health but is not obsessed by it. He is caring but not smothering and lots of other things I want from a relationship.

Internet dating is not for every one but I know several couples who have met this way and it has Ben good.

Online dating with MS | Multiple Sclerosis Society

Obviously lots of things to think about first but at least it is worth thinking about. It is a difficult question even for a man to answer since i have ms too.. I suppose if you meet someone and they run away because you have ms or any other condition, you know right away that they are not for you!!! It was def the ms choc, things were good until my last bad relapse and mental health issue that started around the same time, then kaput.

A lot will leg it soon as they know and those few proper people will stick it out. To me its not a big deal, we ALL have good days bad days and who ever must be there to support there other halves. Well after reading Woblyboy's reply I think you should PM him and I'll buy a new hat for the wedding, ooo blokes don't wear hats at weddings.

Seriously thoe it must be a dillema, which fortunatly I have not had to deal with, my lady has stuck with me through thick and thin and I can assure you there has been quite a lot of thin recently. I can't see there is a right time it's one of them you will know when it feels right, I know thats an old cliche but there is no right time. Probably not very well put as Woblyboy but I hope you get the sentament, your as good as the next person go for it. I think you should talk about it if, You actually think you may like it to develope into somthing more than just dating, if it really bothers him, he's not the one for you anyway,, but most men would probably be pleased at the prospect that on a bad mobility day, you won't be able to run away.

If I had known back then that I would end up with this, I would have defiantly told her, how was I to know that after serving 3 life sentences thing would get even worse, I keep my feeling secret, an old mate said his wife was an angel,, I said your lucky, mines still alive,, bottom line is life is just a test if you can cope with it you will cope with anything,, it's only real while your awake?

Someone once said to me that when they die they will go to hell,, I said what makes you think your not already there??? Have a good weekend, G,Reeper. Disclosing as soon ASAP is the way to go. My wife also has MS, she told me on the first night. Bit of a shocker as I didn't even know what MS is, after furiously googling we decided to give it a go. We are still together and it's gets worse, I was also diagnosed with MS last year, got better odds of winning the lottery than that happening again: Unfortunately for me I can see things from both sides of the fence.

Honesty and openness is the best policy as far as I'm concerned. Afternoon, this is an old post revisited, hope you are all loved up by now? I kind of think whats meant to be will be even if we dont understand at the time, my friend being ill was horrid, and i was not in a good place to meet a bloke and tried to rationalise it that now is not a good time too much going on, messed up head, streesed etc, seems it was not my choice!! Divorce is rife again statistics say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol I know it must be a huge strain if both are working full time and once has no choice but give up work We all have bills to pay and the stress of effing money is a killer but add in the mix MS As for internet dating thats I think has made it easier to use the old saying.

Log in or register to post comments. Does having MS make them reach for their trainers and run for the hills? Topics Sex and relationships Emotional support. Good luck with whatever you do. Thanks Cheryl, My last relationship didnt end because of the Ms About Me I've had multiple sclerosis for 11 years,cannot walk,but ain't giving up. I realise I shouldn't really be on here,but why not? Nobody has told me I'm not still a climbing instructor. I use my Big Buggy for that, then Little Buggy if boozing and or 'socializing' is involved, MS will not kill me,boredom, lonliness and a swallowed wine cork might though.

During the date

Lots of fun then 'praps there'll be more,"There is nothing like the love of a woman who is good at being bad" If you are disabled or poorly,and we're not talking a snotty nose or a hangover,there are preferential rates,empathy, patience and understanding. An excellent reply from 'woblyboy' Spread pour net as wide as possible.

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If I were a woman you'd have won me over. Why aren't they queueing up?! There are no certainties, which ever way you choose x. Good luck in whatever you do. Oh wb you do make me laf And then I read your profile that your hobby is fiddling with things!! You're not inferring anything else about my fiddling are you? M xx PS - Great idea about taking over the Asian board but 'tis a shame we can't have our own Man perspective from the opposite side: Managing expectations is what it's all about. Hi Not a bloke either but have the start of a story to tell.

I will keep you updated! Thing is, wer'd been together for 6 years and she always knew of my ms There is one thing, don't give up, there is sombody out there. People living with Multiple Sclerosis use social media to share experiences and get help for the medical and emotional challenges of living with MS and other chronic diseases. Tips to find your sexy after your multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Living Like You blogger shares her journey to feel attractive again with MS.

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Disabled Dating Success Story - A couple both with Multiple Sclerosis

Get offline sooner than later. Be honest—to a point. And now to the big one: