Tips for dating a full time single dad

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  1. Being Single Dad and Dating: How Not to Screw It Up
  2. Being Single Dad and Dating: How Not to Screw It Up
  3. Dating a single dad: a different ballgame
  4. 8 Rules for Dating a Single Dad

How does a year-old guy meet women? I met a few nice ladies, of approximately appropriate age, and even went out for dinner or drinks a few times with a couple of them… but things seemed to go south fairly quickly when I mentioned that I have two children.

What it boiled down to was having kids made scheduling things a bit difficult. And that really sucked — because there were a couple of times when I caught myself thinking about how I could dodge my responsibilities as a dad…. I was overthinking all of this, and I needed to shift my focus.

Being there for my boys is the most important thing I need to focus on. Related DAD articles Expecting Seven things expecting dads can do to keep their pregnant partner happy Expecting Sex, stuffing up, and the six fears expecting dads battle New Dads Criticism from your partner can make you shut down as a dad New Dads Do men lose their mates when they become dads?

Being Single Dad and Dating: How Not to Screw It Up

Get the best dad tips in your inbox Enter your email address. Just remember these eight rules for dating single dads. You might be used to someone who only has you to spend his time and money on, but with a single dad, the situation will be very different. His kids come first—and it should be that way! Try not to be too upset if he can't afford to take you on extravagant dates or he has to cancel because his daughter got sick.

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Standards are the things you must have in a relationship—mutual respect, attraction, fun, etc. Expectations, however, set you up for disappointment, and they blind you when you've got something good. What I'm trying to say is this: Prioritize the things that are important to you in a relationship, and then keep those in mind. It's good to hold the guy you're dating, single parent or not, to high standards—he should treat you well and make you feel good about yourself, yet it's not good to throw away a healthy relationship because you expect to have a monopoly on his free time or expect his kids to adore you immediately.

Because his kids are important to him, they should be important to you, too. But be careful about being overzealous. If he's divorced and not widowed, chances are his kids still have a mother who is very involved in their life. Trying to get too involved too quickly will only lead to resentment from her and her children. Generally speaking, you should never try to be something you're not.

Being Single Dad and Dating: How Not to Screw It Up

This especially applies when you're getting to know a single dad and his children. If you're not someone who's really comfortable or familiar with children, don't pretend to be! If he's a keeper, he'll be patient with you and let you get to know his kids at your own speed. They'll probably be able to tell you're trying too hard.

Dating a single dad: a different ballgame

They'll come around when they can see what a wonderful person you are. I'm not just talking about you. With single dads, there's all kinds of people who were in his life before you were. His kids may get jealous, his kids' mother may get jealous, and, yes, you may get jealous from time to time, too.

8 Rules for Dating a Single Dad

Just know that it's a normal response, so try to get through it. Whether or not you're a single parent yourself, the two of you may have conflicting opinions about cohabitation, marriage, and future children. Be open, be honest, and communicate clearly when it comes to these important and sensitive issues. Yes, it's important to show him that you can act appropriately and responsibly so that he sees you as someone who can help him raise his children, but he also needs a romantic partner on top of that.

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Don't forget to have fun together and take time for yourselves. While dating anyone can be stressful at times, dating a single dad can be downright overwhelming.

Don't forget to slow down and enjoy your time together, as well as your time with his kids.