Dating my gynecologist


  1. Gynaecologist gave patient two orgasms in under two minutes
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  4. Could you date/marry a gynecologist?
  5. Dating a gynecologist is bothering me!

Gynaecologist gave patient two orgasms in under two minutes

I wonder if the spouses of my CPA or attorney run a business on the side? I certainly don't want to advise anyone regarding bleeding or pain. And yes, when I refuse to speculate, I'm often asked if "I can just run it by my husband. Separation of church and state? My husband doesn't treat me medically. In cases of emergency we're stuck on an island and I know for a fact that I need antibiotics he intervenes and prescribes medication, but it's not our norm. He has never examined me and never will. This works both to his and my advantage. When at work, he can view things professionally and clinically and when at home, well, I can be a legend in my own mind, believing that my parts are unique.

This also serves to alleviate the concern that he's "spending his days with naked women. Just as a breast exam is not foreplay. I don't want to turn into a body part surrounded by a sheet. By separating church and state, we can be partners without stuff getting in the way.

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It's not that he doesn't want to give free medical advice. No, I don't worry about him "spending his days with other women. Yes, we practice separation of church and state. Does anyone in your family have any history of serious diseases? My mom is diabetic, other than that, no. How many children do you have? How much did they weigh at birth? You are sexually active yes? How long has it been?

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How long has what been? Since you had sex? You wouldn't be missing out on anything there. Choosing a specialty is hard enough. It'll sort itself out. You'll probably be dating people who are related to the medical field in some way or another anyway, because who else are you going to be spending your time with during residency? I don't see why a male gynecologist would be assumed to be a pervert.

Could you date/marry a gynecologist?

My first gynecologist was a man. Though I think some people get into obstetrics because they love babies, and I'm not interested in having kids so I'd be on the watch for that. Its just a job.

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I don't think people who are not in the medical field realise that you don't really see patients That way. At work we have male radiation therapists who have to look at women's breasts all day to set them up for their radiation treatment. It is not a sexual thing at all. Also, a dear family friend is a gyne-oncologist. He deals in breast, uterine, ovarian and cervical cancers.

Nothing pervy about that at all. I wouldn't give a shit. I'm not jealous at all anyway. Besides, I'm going into health care myself.

Dating a gynecologist is bothering me!

I'm working on a doctorate in occupational therapy so I'll be seeing plenty of naked people myself when working on ADLs activities of daily living like toileting and bathing. Its no different then looking at a textbook. The concern is helping the person and giving them the care they need. Again I totally get this because I have to do it all the time myself. It really wouldn't be an issue for me, but in all honesty, the first time he saw my crotch-region I would probably be a tad anxious.

Just a momentary thought of "what if it's the weirdest looking one he's ever seen OBs have to be on call too much, and I'd rather that my partner have regular work hours. I assume that dating a GYN would have the obvious benefit of being intimate with a dude who knows his way around my bits, but would also recognize any early warning signs that shit isn't quite right.

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  • It hadn't occurred to me that being perverse had anything to do with it. Yeah I think the fact that they are going to have very special knowledge of female equipment is hardly going to be a bad thing XD. Rationally, there's absolutely nothing wrong with gynecology and absolutely nothing different between it and any other medical specialization. However, when I imagine a guy telling me he's a gynecologist, I have a minor "squick" reaction that I don't have for, say, a surgeon or a psychiatrist.

    I don't really know why this is and I won't risk bullshitting by trying to explain it, but it's there and it may happen if I actually meet a gynecologist too. Actually I prefer to date guys who are in healthcare in some way or another. I tend to have more in common with other healthcare workers!

    They get the long hours, the holidays, weekends, being on call, etc. So finding a nice doctor of any specialty! I would be a very happy nurse: I likely wouldn't date any type of doctor, but I wouldn't necessarily assume a male gyno was a pervert. Wouldn't bother me in the slightest. If anything it would be relaxing to know that you saw more real genitals than porn genitals, and were comfortable with it.

    I would date one sure, in fact it could have some perks I imagine you would be really mature and knowledgeable about vaginas which can't be a bad thing in terms of dating you, so yeah I would totally date you! However I would not see you as a doctor though I was just thinking to myself today why would a man become a gynaecologist, because I imagine no one wants to see a male for those issues! Off topic but I feel like Americans are always talking about seeing gynaecologists but I have never seen one, I just see my GP for pap smears who is of course female, would not feel comfortable otherwise and anything to do with that area I guess if you have special complicated issues people might, but I have never heard of anyone I know seeing a gynaecologist routinely in this country I dunno if anyone can shed light this?