How to tell a guy you are not interested in dating him


  1. 30 Sure Signs That a Guy Doesn't Like You Back: How to Know If He Isn't Interested in You
  2. How to Politely Let Him Know You're Not Interested (9 Scripts) - Ask Claire Casey
  3. How to Politely Let Him Know You’re Not Interested (9 Scripts)
  4. But FIRST, Choose the RIGHT method for your break-up communication

Instead, you should be honest and make a decision to inform the guy, even if it will cause you both some pain and unpleasantness. Failing to be honest and delaying to inform the guy of your disinterest will only prolong an unfruitful relationship in which you do not intend to make any long-term commitment. Consider the channel of communication that you will use to tell the guy of your decision to end the relationship. Choose your communication channel depending upon how far your relationship had progressed.

For example, if your dating was solely online, you can send a short email to the guy. On the other hand, if you went out with the guy on a couple of dates, use the phone or even face-to-face communication, if your relationship was much deeper.

30 Sure Signs That a Guy Doesn't Like You Back: How to Know If He Isn't Interested in You

Instead, show firmness and compassion by telling him that it is as difficult for you to convey your disinterest in him, as it is for him to hear it. Wish him all the best in finding the right mate. You must put a stop to all forms of contact with the guy once you have told him that you are not interested in him, or in taking the relationship forward.

I don't care how many years a couple has been together. If a friend dies around the time of an anniversary, I'd consider the friend's death to be more important. But if you're having ongoing problems, you should talk with him about why it doesn't feel like you're in a good place. A person doesn't have to be seeing someone else for a relationship to become stale.

Sometimes we just grow apart or lose the passion and interest for no apparent reason. But that's reason enough to reassess and consider moving on. If the guy can't meet your emotional needs, perhaps he's not the right guy for you. What if the guy likes touching my hand and laughs at my jokes, but seems to like another girl? Does he like us both or just her?

How do I tell him that I like him? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Trust and respect are pretty high up in any relationship that has any hope of lasting a long time. If you show no interest he will probably walk away. Talk about issues and minterests and see how much you have in common. You say this guy is super sweet and kind, Bianca. Get busy and get real.

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You might discover you like it, and see him in a different light. Yep, he just might be the guy for you. I have been single for years.. He is super sweet and kind and I will hate to turn him down. I have read somewhere that the guy should love you more than you like him if you want a great relationship. Should I give the guy I have dated one more chance? I fear to become an old cat lady. Jane, he might be busy. Or maybe you're sending him too many messages. I suggest you look for more signs.

Joy, I'm sure you probably like the guy but I'm not convinced you love him.

How to Politely Let Him Know You're Not Interested (9 Scripts) - Ask Claire Casey

If he never notices you, you can't know him at all well. So I suspect you're just disappointed you didn't get the chance to have a big love affair. Someone else will come along. I removed your email address, Neda. Don't want strangers writing to you. In answer to your question, I think you should ask the guy if he sees any chance for a future for you both or if he thinks the distance is too great a challenge. If you are prepared to move where he is, ask him if he thinks that's a good idea. Or maybe he might move near you.

You need to have this kind of conversation with him instead of trying to guess how he feels. Talk with him about it today. Tell him you're giving thought to what next year holds for you.

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If there's no improvement, move on to a nee relationship closer to home. What does it mean if he doesn't reply back early? Does that mean he's not interested anymore? We have seen each other only 2 times. We only use to text each other. We both are adults.

9 ways to let him know you’re not interested

Up to now he never ever shares his feelings or emotions with me. Doesn't even send a simple emotional emoji in his text. Never sharing his personal events but seeing and replying my texts so soon I wish he would love me the same as me. I don't know what to do. I struggle with myself to forget him but it seems impossible for me.

I figure that he wants to keep in touch with me but not as his girlfriend. I suppose I am in a dark road without any light ending. I love the guy so much but he never notice me alese anytime he had a queried with his girlfriend that's when he will remember me. Dana, he's just a guy you have a crush on. Crushes pass, so don't worry if it isn't working out with that guy. Enjoy hanging out with your friends. Another guy will catch your attention soon enough. Unsuccessful crushes are simply a part of life.

How to let him know you're not interested (without hurting his feelings)

We all have them along the way to finding a genuine partner. So consider this guy part of your life experience There is this guy who I'm head over heels for. This is harsh sounding and puts an end to the connection. While you don't wish to date this guy or get on intimate terms with him, it still remains important to respect his dignity and let him down gently. Reject his advance with a compliment. Begin by explaining that you're flattered by his interest in you and that it is very kind of him to ask.

However, you'll also need to explain your lack of interest in general terms, without suggesting that there is anything wrong with him. For example, you might say something along these lines: The trouble is, I'm just not interested in dating anybody at the moment.

How to Politely Let Him Know You’re Not Interested (9 Scripts)

But it was so kind of you to ask. Try not to make it to embarrassing for him. Avoid laughing or using jokes as a way of negating what he has just asked you. Make it clear that you've appreciated the effort and his courage but that's the end of it; no need to rub salt into the wound.

But FIRST, Choose the RIGHT method for your break-up communication

If you do wish to make humor, use the self-deprecating sort that rebounds on you, not on him or anybody else. And don't overdo it, or it'll look as if you're trying too hard. Make it seem as if anybody who asked you out right now would not succeed.

If possible, tell him that your current focus is absolutely on your career, your new business start-up, your university exams, your overseas trip, whatever. This way, it doesn't feel like a personal rejection but is simply an outcome of a broader reality that you're just too wed to something else. It's not your place to butter up his ego but it's always a nice thing to offer a soft letdown to anyone who receives rejection.